He's Right!

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A recent facebook conversation...

AM - Why is the Left so disorganized?

BK - Because it has no vision, has no strategy, has poor organisation. is subcultural, doesnt take messaging seriously, doesn't take all oppressions equally, is stuck worshiping old dogmas, etc. lol

Any other thoughts on this subject?


Things that Make Me Happy...

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Ever since I was a kid I have aspired to sing in the NBC Holiday Commercial. You know exactly what I'm talking about... the commercial where all the actors/personalities/anchors from NBC are in front of the Rockefeller Center tree singing "We Wish You A Merry Christmas" or "Jingle Bells". They all look so happy, warm and in the "holiday spirit". I look for those commercials each year because let's face it, nothing says Christmas like 100 television personalities with perfect smiles and perfectly color coordinated designer jackets, scarves and hats singing carols during commercial breaks from Law and Order: SVU and the occasional made for TV Christmas movie. =)

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GirlPower at the United Nations...

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GirlPower at The United Nations!

Big things are happening for GirlPower. Here are some pictures of the girls addressing the United Nations during the "Children's Rights Convention" this past week. These girls are fierce! I'm going to get the Youtube video up ASAP. More pictures here: http://www.photoblog.com/ashleymarinaccio/2009/12/09/girlpower-at-the-united-nations.html

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My Favorite Role

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Ashley's Gingerbread House of Peace and Justice

Some pictures of me playing my new favorite role, big sister to Nick, Luke, Eric, Jess (and Matt... who is not pictured). Tonight was the annual Marinaccio Ginger Bread House making contest. Of course, "Ashley's House of Peace and Justice" was a huge hit. The name came in a close second to Jess's creation called "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. House". Here are the highlights:

Group Shot. This is 2 hours after we started. Notice all our glazed over faces from all of the sugar.

The creativity (and sugar) flows... the kid in the middle is the neighbor's son.

My dad carefully inspects the houses during the "Award Ceremony".

The sugar rush begins...

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Until There's A Cure!

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Everyone who knows me knows that HIV/AIDS activism (ie: prevention, education and awareness) has always been of the utmost importance to me. This year's WAD theme is "Human Rights and Access to Treatment". The theme was chosen to address the critical need to protect human rights and make HIV prevention, treatment, care and support accessible to everyone. The theme is also a demand for countries to remove laws that discriminate against people living with HIV/AIDS (Read more http://doctor.ndtv.com/storypage/ndtv/id/4109/World_AIDS_Day_2009.html ).

Please take a moment today to educate yourself (or someone you know) on the realities of HIV/AIDS. I have included some links below of sites with up to date information.

World AIDS Campaign - http://www.worldaidscampaign.org/
World AIDS Day - http://www.worldaidsday.org/
Women and AIDS - http://www.avert.org/women-hiv-aids.htm
Various Resources and Organizations- http://www.google.org/world-aids-day-2009.html

Also, one of my favorite speeches (ever) is called "Why We Fight' and was given by Vito Russo at an Act Up Rally in 1988. His passion, power and desperation still rings true today. Read it here:
http://www.actupny.org/documents/whfight.html . There is also a streaming video on the site.