Phare Play Productions "Who Wears Short Shorts" Festival

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I have a paragraph below that will explain these pictures...

Yesterday I participated in Phare Play Productions' "Who Wears Short Shorts" Play Festival. It was a 24 hour theatre festival involving writers, actors and directors (I was a director). Anyway, what happens is at 10:30 pm on Friday night the writers got a piece of music an a sentence that they each ha to incorporate into their plays. At 10:00 the following morning they had to have their play ready to be handed over to their directors and from 11:30 am - 5:00 pm, the actors and directors worked and had a 15 minute tech for a 7:00 pm an 9:00 pm show. (The actors also had to be completely off book). If this paragraph makes any sense... you can definitely understand how both fun and challenging this project can be. I definitely took a lot away from the exercise and know what I would an wouldn't do for the next time I get the opportunity. I am very happy though to have had the opportunity to work with Phare Play Productions (looking forward to working with them again) and meeting 4 new actors and a new playwright.

The festival was held at the Beckman Theater (American Theatre of Actors) at 314 W, 54th Street. I didn't have the chance to post about this beforehand or send an e-mail blast because I foun out at 8:00 pm the night before (one of the directos had dropped and they had my resume on file).

My show was called "Goodbye Pork Pie Hat" by Jennifer Spragg
Cast: Sasha Higgins, Chelsea Holland, Graeme Humphrey, Alison Wonderland

Produced by Phare Play Productions

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