Back from San Francisco...

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San Francisco in Photographs...

Golden Gate Bridge

Golden Gate Park

Pier 39 (This picture is dedicated to my mother and her fondness of seagulls and sea lions... arf arf arf)

Golden Gate Bridge at dusk
More will be on the photoblog soon...
I just returned from a wonderful week in San Francisco where I presented on a panel called "Radical Theatre and its Cultural Interventions" at the 107th American Anthropological Association meeting ( I did an excerpt of my piece "What to do in Case you Miss the Rapture". It was a fantastic week that really helped solidify how I want anthropology and theatre to work in my life. The other anthropologists on the panel were absolutely phenomenal. It was a fantastic opportunity to network with individuals who are doing like minded work. I'm super inspired now and am looking forward to working on developing a PhD project and applying to anthropology programs. I also had the chance to catch up with my mentor from undergrad and see her as a discussant on a panel on Israel/Palestine. So much fun getting to see her in action again (it's been awhile). Although we're always in touch, I haven't been with her in an academic setting in a few years.
Elizabeth and I are in the process of organizing our next round of GirlPower. She came up with some ground breaking ideas for how to expand the program and really make it part of the community. We're aiming to finish up our grant proposal this weekend and submit it to MTS. In the meantime, we're starting a blog for the girls to connect with each other during down time and keep up their writing. The address of the blog is . It's a little dead right now, but I guarantee it will pick up within the next few weeks when everyone gets hooked up to it.

On the Co-Op Theatre East front... We're going to launch an official website soon (that's not our blog). We have "Cascando" coming up on December 18th, Robby's new play in February and "My Name is Rachel Corrie" in the spring. More on everything coming soon...

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