Theatre and Food - Life is Goooood!

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About a week ago I had a transformative night at the theatre that I've been meaning to write about. I saw "33 Variations" written and directed by Moises Kaufman, starring Jane Fonda. I am completely undone by what I saw. It was intelligent, thought provoking, heart breaking, inspiring and utterly brilliant (of course, I don't expect anything less from Moises Kaufman). This is a piece of theatre that we need right now. I want to see him get the Tony for "33 Variations". I have a feeling he will get nominated in both playwriting and directing. Jane Fonda (and the actor who plays the German Woman... blanking on her name) should also get nominated. I left the theatre incredibly inspired. Generally, I don't pay attention to reviews, but I look forward to reading these and seeing how it's received by the media. I have a feeling it will do well. Broadway NEEDS art like this. I'm excited to see what the future holds for "33 Variations". If you haven't seen it yet, GET YOUR TICKETS NOW! ( Jane Fonda also has a blog that I've been following. She has been tracking her journey with the show from the first rehearsals, to previews and beyond. It's fascinating. She's incredibly fascinating and inspiring.

While on the topic of free publicizing .... I deem it necessary to shout out "The Cocoa Bar" on the Lower East Side (apparently they have several locations). I'm serious about my food, especially sweets. "The Cocoa Bar" is exceptionally hipster and far too expensive... but if you look beyond that, they have the BEST hot chocolate ever made. It's literally melted dark chocolate diluted with whole milk (it must be). It's so rich that it's almost difficult to finish and so good that I wanted to eat the cup (especially for the price...). If you catch yourself in the area, or want to spoil yourself with something good, and totally worth it, visit the Cocoa Bar. ( )

While I'm on the topic of food... I am proud to announce that I am on a mission to find the best cupcake in New York City. This has been going on for awhile. Next month I will rank them. Let me know if you recommend a place not listed here.

- Crumbs Cupcake Factory (NoHo)
- Sugar (L.E.S.)
- Sugar Sweet Sunshine (L.E.S.)
- Magnolia Bakery (West Village AND Rockefeller Center)
- Buttercup Bake Shop (Upper West Side -

NEED TO VISIT (recommended):
- Prince Street Cafe (SoHo)
- How Sweet It Is (L.E.S. -



Comment by Melissa on March 11, 2009 at 10:05 AM

For cupcakes, you MUST try Out of the Kitchen at 420 Hudson Street. The fudgy frosting is out of this world. Also, Tonnie's Cupcakes on W3rd btwn MacDougal and Avenue of the Americas is great, with a fabulous strawberry cupcake.

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