A Prayer for Artists!

9:43 AM / Posted by Ashley /

We pray for the dreamers of this life, O God,
for those persons who imagine new possibilities,
who long for what others cannot perceive,
who spin dreams of wonder and majesty in their minds.
Defend them from ridicule and harsh criticism,
from self-doubt and lack of faith in their dreams,
and from abandonment of this call to make things new.
Grant that from their dreams
may come forth blessings for humankind
to enrich the quality of life
and the wonderment of us all.

- Vienna Cobb Anderson


Anonymous on February 18, 2010 at 2:20 PM

thanks for this prayer. I am the Dean of St. Paul's Cathedral and our Lenten series this year is called: Word, Wonder and Wisdom. Speakers are asked to give a brief lecture on a writer, poet, artist who has influenced shaped or expanded their understanding of Gor or the Holy....this prayer will be used today as our speaker shares reflections on Bruce Cockburn....a justice minstrel and brillian poet....blessings...and thanks

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