RIP Michael Jackson!

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Photo: 2008 Halloween Parade "Thriller" Dance
Like the rest of the world, I was absolutely shocked to hear that Michael Jackson passed away yesterday. He was my first "favorite singer". I had a blue and white dress I called my "Michael Jackson dress" that I would wear and sing "Bad" and "Beat It" (at age 5, of course). Every year there are a group of people in the Village Halloween Parade that dress up and dance to "Thriller". In 2008 I was proud to be part of it (after wanting to do it for years). I'm sure that this year it will take an entirely new meaning. It has been moving to see the many tributes to him and the impact that he has had on so many levels.
Last night in Union Square there was a impromptu tribute to Michael Jackson that involved a lot of music, dancing, candles and MJ impersonators. It started at around 9:00 pm and went on well past midnight. It was beautiful to see how music can bring together so many different people. A friend of mine Sherly, posted this on facebook this morning and I think it says a lot:
"Firstly, if there was anyone who didn’t see the power of music prior to Jackson’s passing, they see it now. I mean, think about it. Why is cable news covering his death as if a popular high profile politician was assassinated? Why do we really care about his death? None of us ( his fans and even most artists in the music industry) really knew him personally. Some people really do believe that he was a child molester or couldn’t be fully trusted around children. At the end of the day, he was “just” a singer right? Nah… I think music is a powerful medium precisely because of the power it has to inspire people and evoke certain emotions within them, especially when the subject matter deals with complex human emotions that derive from the human experience. Music has the power to affect culture. And Michael’s music truly transcended nationalities, ethnicities, religions, political persuasions… In addition to his signature sound, he was an AMAZING performer. I think most people, if not all, admire people who are the best in their chosen field and Michael was definitely great in what he did."
RIP Michael Jackson! I hope that you have found peace.
My favorite MJ video - "Heal the World"
The NYC Village Halloween Parade Thriller Video -



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