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As you probably already know (since I post links on here so much), I absolutely LOVE the Unscripted blogs from backstage, where actors document their lives via blog. I follow them in my news feed (and have my favorites). This was something that someone posted awhile back (see the link below) that I really have enjoyed.


Other than Acting
Once upon a couple nights ago, on the West Coast, my Aussie New York girlfriend (who is also an actress), while visiting family on my side of the country, calls me up to have our bi-monthly chat about life, love, and all of the above.
I like to call them our mid-quarter-mid-life crisis conversations.
Of the many things I wanted to be when I was little, the three most important were; a really great actress, a really great mother and a really great friend.
I feel like I didn't start to have great female friendships until after college, or rather begin to learn how to have them; something about being on the verge of adulthood or maturity.
After knowing each other for more than ten years; Aussie and I, we know each other. And we inspire each other, to be better people, actors, and friends. I love her. No matter what.
She says to me, mid-delicious conversation, "Ann, you are inspiring, I wish you could write about more than just acting in your blog, you have a lot to offer." In so many words.
So...ask and ye shall receive...

Here is a list of the Top Ten Best and Hardest Things I Have Learned in my Little Life So Far...:
(I hope you get to check most of them off and are ahead of the game)
10 - Don't ever do anything out of guilt or shame. Get rid of ALL your shame!
9 - Fear of success comes from a place of feeling unworthy of it. But you create your own worth. Your worth is not defined by the reactions from others. And you are worth everything.
8 - There is always more money to be made; however, the time you spent making that money, you can never get back. Spend your time wisely.
7 - Sometimes people would rather stay in a familiar place of misery then allow themselves to step into an unknown place of happiness.
6 - The people who really know and love you; will take what they know of you, flaws and all, and help you.
5 - A very talented person does not necessarily make a very compatible partner.You attract what you are. If you are committed to you, you will attract others that are as well; if you are not, you will attract others that are not.
4 - The difference between a dysfunctional family and a functional one, is that in the 'functional' family, the underlying layer of love and trust remains steadfast despite ongoing conflict.
3 - Commit to what you desire without having to control the how in which it comes to pass. Leave that to the Universe and to the gods.
2 - Money is just money. People who fight about money are actually fighting about trust. Money is just the object, the issue at hand is being able to trust that you can count on the other person to be there for you.
1 - Where you came from is not who you are; it's just where you came from, you create who you who are, everyday.
So, other than acting, these are just a few of life's lessons that I've learned in my journey as an actor, that I think has made me, all of us, a stronger and better person. Lots of love.
(photos courtesy of my Aussie New York friend at her bachelorette party)
Yours Truly -- Ann Hu




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