GirlPower: Survival of the Fittest - TONIGHT!

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Check out the GirlPower- Teen Performance Collective's newest show "Survival of the Fittest" tonight at 6:00 pm. For this show we had two GirlPower alumni come back and co-direct. If you're in the Greenwich Village area tonight, stop by and check it out. GirlPower is presented as part of the Manhattan Theatre Source's "Estrogenius Festival", celebrating women's voices in theatre and the arts. .

GirlPower: Survival of the Fittest
teen actors, teen voices
October 9 & 10 at 6pm
tickets: $18

GirlPower is a series of powerful written words performed by teen actors struggling with issues that they face in today's world. The actresses share the joys and troubles of growing up in today's generation with their experiences of love, relationships, parents, pain and success

The Company:
Deanna Alexandra, Kaylyn O'Gara, Tess Cronin, Manya Saaraswat, Emily Rupp, Valerie Dent, Dailyn Santana, Camille Theobald, Michelle Lee and Beatrice Miller

Directed by:
Andrea Panichi and Kezia Tyson

Edited and Facilitated by:
Ashley Marinaccio and Elizabeth Koke

For more information visit:

GirlPower video created by Manya Saaraswat:

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