Decadent Acts, Entry #1: A Director's List

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The first "Decadent Acts" entry ... January 30th, 2010

Getting ready to start COTE's newest production of "Decadent Acts". I'm at the point where I'm about ready to take off the playwright's hat and wear the director's. Of course, leaving behind playwright may not happen for a few weeks until after I hear the first read through this Sunday. Actually, who am I kidding... when we did "Documentary: A Suicide Narrative" in 2008, made script changes up until the last minute. I already have some ideas for what I may cut/add and scenes that would help Dec. I'm thrilled with the process that's been made so far on it and couldn't be more happy with the team that's been busting their behinds on getting it to where it is today. This play has had many lives (and many more rewrites), originating as my honors thesis from Pace University.

My biggest fear always is going into a first rehearse unprepared (or appearing unprepared). The down time from Battery Park City (no job in the winter) has given me plenty of time to get lots of work done. Thus, my check list is completed.

The Director's Check List

1. Script printed/Scenes labeled
2. Rehearsal schedule (for February) printed/conflicts noted/rescheduling done. Contact list and other EXCEL documents completed.
3. Skeletal blocking for the entire play done (This is where I go through the script scene by scene a lay a rough framework for how I want it to look. I do it separate from the script) .
4. First few scenes blocked on paper (This is where the blocking is actually written into the script). It always ends up changing and (for the most part) being thrown away, but I like having it.
5. Character work and preliminary questions sent to cast. (I generally send a list of questions broken down by scene for the actors to ask themselves about their characters and motives to get the ball rolling...)
6. Some additional research and suggested reading/video watching sent...

Okay, so I'm a bit of a research junkie. I fantasize that everyone who works with me loves to do research as much as I do. There just is never enough you can know about a topic and being that I'm often too curious for my own good, I spend hours researching the smallest nuances in a script. Maybe I'm missing my calling in life as a dramaturg? Ah well, for now we're set and I can't wait to get this show on the road.

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