decadent acts

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decadent acts.
written and directed by Ashley Marinaccio.
original score by Kaze Patricio Chan.
assistant directed by Casey Cleverly.
design by Robert Gonyo. Lynn Spencer. Theresa Christine.

Part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity.


Anna Savant, Hannah Rose Barfoot, Beatrice Miller, Mike Callahan, Joanie Fritz Zosike, Alex Herrald, C. Rose Kearns, Michelle Sims, Alionka Polanco and David Roberts

TUESDAY 6/15 at 4:00pm
FRIDAY 6/18 at 4:00pm
SATURDAY 6/19 at 1:30pm
SUNDAY 6/20 at 8:30pm
WEDNESDAY 6/23 at 8:30pm
THURSDAY 6/24 at 6:30pm

The Robert Moss Theater
440 Lafayette Street, 3rd Floor

Proceeds of Decadent Acts will go to Democracy Now.

Set in late 1980s New York City, Decadent Acts chronicles the story of a lesbian couple struggling against legislated discrimination. When television personality Farah White falls fatally ill, her partner, professor Jolene Shatila, along with their daughter Nicole, are faced with unexpected challenges that will change their lives forever. From child custody laws, to hospital visitation rights, Decadent Acts spotlights the harsh reality of discriminatory regulations against same-sex partners, plunging emotional and political depths with grace and searing honesty. At a time when the push for full equality is finally building real momentum across the country, this play couldn’t be timelier.

The show stars Anna Savant as Dr. Jolene Shatila, Hannah Rose Barfoot as Farah White and Beatrice Miller as their young daughter, Nicole. The ensemble is comprised of Mike Callahan, Joanie Fritz Zosike, Alex Herrald, C. Rose Kearns, Michelle Sims, Alionka Polanco, and David Roberts. Decadent Acts is written and directed by Ashley Marinaccio.

About Planet Connections Theatre Festivity:
The Planet Connections Theatre Festivity is New York's premiere eco-friendly theatre festival. Fostering a diverse cross-section of performances, the festival seeks to inspire artists and audiences both creatively and fundamentally, in a festive atmosphere. At the heart of the festivity are like-minded individuals striving to create professional, meaningful theatre, while supporting organizations, which give back to the community at large.

About Co-Op Theatre East:
Founded in April of 2008, Co-Op Theatre East (COTE) believes in the power of art to foster a dialogue for social change. COTE provides an entertaining performance forum in which to ask evocative, challenging questions of artists and audiences on our way to creating collaborative answers.

Meet the cast of Decadent Acts:

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