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At our last COTE Ensemble meeting we spoke of our New Years Resolutions and how when you put them up on a social networking site or a blog, you're holding yourself publicly accountable to get it done. So, here we go...

... Holding myself publicly accountable:

listen more/see more/write more/continue to watch COTE take on a life of its own and flourish/continue to watch PGPC take on a life of its own and flourish/get smart(er) about finances/start learning an instrument (piano and guitar)/exhibit photography/read the classics/read more fiction/read EVEN more nonfiction/voice lessons/book Law and Order: SVU/do an arts and theatre rehabilitation program with incarcerated people/create work that encourages thoughtful dialogue/get back in touch with good friends from yonder years/rid myself of unhealthy and dead relationships/create my own "1000 places to see before you die"- blog it/finish a collection of short plays/once and for all - do something with this blog/step it up - work off broadway and regionally/ stop being afraid to ask for more $$$/attempt to see all of the work and shows my friends are doing/workshop new pieces/study psychoanalysis/finish all my sentences/challenge myself/associate with people who challenge me/work with the Culture Project/finish reading all of the books in my current library/host a "dinner party" ( my part to see more women empowered and more positively represented in the theatre world/ have a vegetable garden/study Arabic and Italian/be more present/post 1 blog entry per week/Stop cussing... use more colorful vocabulary (though the occasional "fuck" is totally fine)/find and join political group that's actually doing something - be active/work on my relationship with food and my body/assign specific times in the day to do e-mail and phone business so it doesn't take over my life/be more physically active/ let her go/let them go/ lose iphone addiction/be more present/learn about astronomy/learn about astrology and what the hell "birth signs" actually mean/travel to 3 new places I've never been before

and the longer reaching stuff:

own a feminist-progressive book store and cupcake shop/direct and-or write a play that starts a revolution (or at least a riot)/get a cedar tree tattoo/run a groundbreaking cultural organization/have an art or photography installation at a gallery or museum/visit the "1000 places to see before you die" (according to the 2007 edition of the book...apparently there is a new edition every few years)/grow my hair super long and then shave it all off and allow it to grow back in its natural color without ever dying it again/foster cats/adopt a child/be part of the movement that ends violence against women

That's all for now.

Happy New Year!

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Comment by Wondering K on December 27, 2010 at 9:42 PM

you are amazing. That is all :)

John on December 27, 2010 at 10:17 PM

I admire your goals and aspirations. I love your energy and determination. I am proud to say that at one point in my life you were my *best* friend. and I hope I am one of those people that you want to reconnect with because I would love to hear from you more.


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