Favorite Photos of 2011 (Part 1)

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Each year I sift through my collection of photos (I take a lot) and pull out my favorites. I posted 2010's album on facebook. This year I'm throwing them up on here. Special thanks to the people who appear in many of these photos: Project Girl Performance Collective, Co-Op Theatre East, Robert A. K. Gonyo, Ryan Victor Pierce, Dominique Fishback, Karen Vigo, Danielle Walker, Mariah MacCarthy, Michael Rehse, Anna Savant, Hannah Rose Barfoot, Lillian Rodriguez and many many more. I am aiming to get some more paid photo gigs in 2012, so if you like what you see here (or on my site) drop me a line.

Check out my photography website here: http://ashley-marinaccio.com/photographer/

OCTOBER: Peace Builders event at the United Nations where Project Girl performed. project Girls led conference participants in creating a banner where everybody wrote what they were going to do to be the "change" we wish to see in the world.

JULY: Summer flower.

SEPTEMBER: Fall flowers.

MAY: Written on an abandoned restaurant in the West Village of NYC. I identified with this statement.

JULY: Ryan (who you'll meet in Part 2) took me to the Bronx Zoo on the hottest day of the year. It was 104 degrees and we only got halfway through the zoo until we couldn't take the heat anymore.

JULY: I took a site specific directing class in Central Park with ESPA (highly recommended all around). Here is a still shot from a scene I did with Dominique Fishback and Karen Vigo from Mariah MacCarthy's "Ampersand: Romeo and Juliet", which was one of the hottest shows in the 2011 Fringe Festival. I made a post about it over the summer.

JULY: Another Ampersand shot.

DECEMBER: Occupy Broadway.

DECEMBER: Occupy Broadway. Danielle Walker performs as she's watched by members of the NYPD.

NOVEMBER: From Project Girl Performance Collective's fall photo shoot.

NOVEMBER: Another from Project Girl's fall photo shoot.

NOVEMBER: My all time favorite Project Girl photo.

SEPTEMBER: Central Park.

NOVEMBER: My "other" all time favorite Project Girl shot. I think I say this a lot. This was a good photo day.

AUGUST: Bethesda Fountain in Central Park, NY.

OCTOBER: Production shot from Muzungu by David Myers at the Fourth Street Theatre.

OCTOBER: Catskills in New York.

OCTOBER: Pumpkins in the Catskills, New York.

SEPTEMBER: Project Girl photo shoot.

SEPTEMBER: Project Girls are active 24 hours a day!

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