4th of July Weekend!

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Pictures from 4th of July Weekend... (details below)

Okay... it's a little late but Happy 4th of July! I had a wonderful time on the Jersey Shore learning how to work my new camera (see above). I've been (sort of) working on a photo project on Asbury Park NJ since 2005. I have over 100 pictures from then until now documenting the change and gentrification of the city through photography. The photos above don't even begin to tell the story. It all started through the Urban Ethnography class I took in undergrad. I'm not sure yet what I will do with it but not concerned about it now either. There are two random pictures in the middle (graffiti and church) that were taken in Alphabet City (my neighborhood). I'm probably going to start a photo blog for the Asbury Park pictures and store them on there for now.

Now, it's back to work/finding work. I had an audition yesterday and another job interview tomorrow. Co-Op Theatre East has decided on the 6 short plays that we will be presenting in September. We're happy with the selections... it was very hard but we selected the perfect bunch.

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