Summer 2008 Update

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In the midst of all these things... I still need to find a "money job".

Lots of projects in process. I am getting ready to work on directing a play for Manhattan Theatre Source's Estrogenius Festival in October ( ). I haven't found out yet which play they've given me but I know the four possibilities. I recently interviewed with the Artistic Director of the American Theatre of Actors, James Jennings, last week to talk about potential directing gigs. He gave me several plays to read. If all goes well, I will be directing three shows there per season.

COTE is going well. We're in the middle of our "Summer Park Meet-ups", where we gather in Washington Square Park on Monday nights at 7pm and read plays/play theatre games. We'll be continuing through August where we'll be reading submissions of works in progress that playwrights/screenwriters have been sending to us. We have an exciting season planned for 2008-09. We'll be announcing it in August as soon as we hear back from the rights/royalties and theatre rental spaces. This week we're deciding on the final selection of one-acts that we'll be presenting in September at The Tank.

Auditions have been a little slow these past few weeks post Springboard. I've had about two per week but there is nothing more that I am really right for. I know this will pick up in September. In the meantime, it's given me the opportunity to work on my solo-performance/photography/visual art instillation piece that I'm working on through the Hemispheric Institutes's EmergeNYC Lab called, "What to Do In case You Miss the Rapture", which is basically an exploration into the current "end times/apocalyptic" obsession that Americans have. I'm collecting interviews/stories/writings/drawings from all different types.

My EmergeNYC Colleague Beatrice is working on a fantastic action (please see details below). If you are in the NYC area on July 16th, you definitely should come and participate.


Dearest Friendly Friends,

I am creating a viral, collaborative piece, “Crime on13th,” for the Hemispheric Institute’s EmergeNYC commission that will be shown this October in New York (yes, I will be living in Peru by then) and am sincerely asking for your participation.
I have been compiling different NYC Crime Maps like“Death by Lover,” “Death by Sibling,” “Death byStranger,” “Stabbing,” “Gunshot,” “Robbery” etc. Ihave restricted the time frame to 2004-Present (the time I have lived here). Contrary to popular belief ofEast Village’s fa├žade as a safe neighborhood, I foundthat the 13th Street that I lived on to be quite thehaunted path…with bodies in trunks...rapists on theloose and…! I have had an intruder in my bedroom aswell as suffer a horrific chase.
Therefore, I would like to involve everyone in a WHISTLE BLOWING 'vigil.' Each one of us will bestationed at a specific crime scene with a whistle. Starting in Alphabet City, the whistle-shrieks willform a sound-chain through violated spaces indomino-effect until reaching Broadway by Grace Church.
Please respond if you would like to participate or ifyou have a story to share. Ideally, I am looking for25 whistler blowers to cover the grounds. It willhappen on Wednesday July 16th at 8:30 PM. We willmeet at 8 PM to take positions and distributewhistles. Credit will be given to participants.

THANKSA BUNCH and I hope to see everyone before I leave!

Positivity, love, luck,

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