Holiday 101: Late Cards

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Apologies in advance if you receive a Holiday card from me and it doesn't arrive until mid-January. Today, I will finally send out my Christmas cards via snail mail. I haven't even started the e-mail batch, which I'll most probably get done tonight. The snail mail cards most probably will not arrive before Christmas. However, I have faith in the mail system that they may arrive before the New Year. In any case, it's always fun getting cards in the mail!

A very talented actor friend of mine, Lynn Spencer, sent around the e-mail that I have copied and pasted below. If you are (like me), still doing Holiday cards, you may want to consider sending one to the address below. I'm also going to keep the address and send cards throughout the year.

"When doing your Christmas cards this year, take one card and send to the address below. If we pass this on and everyone sends one card, think how many they will receive. Surely we can do this.

A Recovering American Soldier

c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue,
NW Washington , D.C. 20307-5001"

Even with the convenience of e-mail and facebook, I think most people would agree that there is nothing like getting a personally written card in the mail. I have a stationary fetish... which leaves me with LOTS of paper, cards, post cards etc. throughout the year. This year part of my New Year's Resolution will consist of sending more of those cards (among many other things).

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