Anti-Arts Economic Recovery Bill...

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During their consideration of the Economic Recovery bill, the Senate approved an amendment offered by Sen. Tom Coburn (R-OK) that prohibits funding for "...museums, theaters and arts centers..." This amendment, approved by a vote of 73-24, if included in the final version of this legislation would prevent the economic recovery funding from supporting these areas of the non-profit arts community. We have crafted a customized message for you to send to your Senator based on their vote on the Coburn Amendment. If your Senator vote for this funding prohibition, you can send them a message expressing your disappointment. If your Senator voted against the amendment, you can thank them for their support of the arts. The correct letter, customized to each of your Senators will appear when you enter your zip code.

Show Your Approval/Disapproval About Senate Anti-Arts Amendment. It's easy,
just copy and paste this link:

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