Good People

3:59 PM / Posted by Ashley /

A woman, who was visibly struggling with a baby carriage, several bags and a toddler boards the train and sits down in the front next to a Wall Street looking man. As the train starts pulling away, the conductor comes around to collect the tickets. This is usually how NJ Transit works. The woman begins searching through her purse frantically, obviously looking for her ticket. She pulls out a May monthly pass and tells the conductor that she has the April monthly pass but can't find it. The conductor says that if she can't show him either a ticket or a monthly pass that she will have to get off and wait for the next train. She pleads with him, explaining that she needs to be at her destination by a certain time and explaining some other things (that I couldn't hear well). The man next to her pulls out a ticket and says to her "Oh, you dropped this. It fell out of your bag", handing the conductor the ticket. The woman was completely shocked and after the conductor left thanked him profusely.

It's nice to know that there are lots of good people out there.



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