COTE Presents:The Living Voter Guide

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Pamphlet from "The Living Voter Guide"

This weekend Robby and I performed "The Living Voter Guide" a new piece of street theatre that Robby has been developing. It was very successful and definitely headed in the direction of where we want to take COTE.

How It Worked: Robby was the "Living Voter Guide" and answered all questions that spectators posed to him on the issues as the candidate running for mayor. For example, someone would ask: "Where does Bloomberg stand on gun control?" or "Who is Jimmy McMillian?" and Robby would answer as the candidate. In the occasion that a question stumped him, he'd direct them to the candidate's website. You'd be surprised to see how many people didn't know there were 8 candidates on the ballot. My role as the joker was to bring people in and hand out fliers encouraging people to vote.

Some Video:

Some Images:

Robby as "The Living Voter Guide"

Talking with New Yorkers

Me as the Statue of Liberty

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