Last COTE Tales of 2009 - This Weekend!

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COTE Tales is Co-Op Theatre East's play reading series. It's an opportunity for progressive theatre artists to come together for a chance to network and hear the work of up and coming playwrights.

On Sunday, December 6th 2009, Co-Op Theatre East will present readings of:

Double or Nothing: A short steampunk play By Rebecca Nesve

In this steampunk parable inspired by the life of a historical
prisoner of conscience, magazine editor Leigh Hunt, jailed for
printing an revolutionary editorial, receives a visit in his cell from
a mysterious woman from the Poetry Society. She offers him the chance
to keep his magazine going: by letting an automaton she has designed,
which is programmed with Hunt’s own knowledge and beliefs, take over
as Editor-in-Chief.

REvolutions : by Elaine Romero

In Latin America, at the height of a military regime, a mother learns
that a young revolutionary has been murdered in the plaza. She risks
everything to find out if the young man is her grown son.

Featuring Performances by: Adam Schneider, Alex Herald and Sheira Feuerstein

Directed by: Casey Cleverly

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