Decadent Acts Review

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Decadent Acts received a nice review from Erik Haagensen of Backstage magazine ( Overall, it's very fair and I'm very appreciative for both the criticism and positive feedback. It's a great place to start (and end, this round). Haagensen has provided me with a valuable set of critiques which I can't wait to hopefully work on and change for not only the next phase of Decadent Acts but future plays.

I'm thankful Backstage had the chance to check it out and hope that they will come back to see GirlPower: Survival of the Fittest in the NY International Fringe Festival this summer. I would LOVE to receive such thoughtful criticism and feedback such as this for PGPC because it's a wonderful way to think about how to frame work int he future (especially with a project like GirlPower that's ongoing). So, thank you Erik/Backstage and I hope to see you again in August back at the Robert Moss Theatre (dates TBA!)

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