Diversity in Indie Theatre Discussion - This Friday!

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I have been invited to speak on a panel this Friday that will be exploring diversity in the independent theatre world. It's part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity (in which COTE is currently producing "Decadent Acts"). The festival has been a wonderful experience for us so far. If you haven't had the chance to, you should check out some of the exciting work being done. Of course, you should check out Decadent Acts too. We've made quite a lot of changes since our April production and are in great shape. Looking forward to an exciting run.

For more information on the panel, check out Martin's blog. I have copied and pasted the information from there, below. http://nytheatre.wordpress.com/2010/06/09/talking-about-diversity-in-indie-theater/


On Friday, June 18 at 2:00pm, at the Robert Moss Theatre, I will be hosting a panel on diversity in Indie theater. The panel is part of the Planet Connections Theatre Festivity, of which nytheatre.com is a media sponsor.

I’ve put together a really interesting lineup to join me on the panel:

  • LEAH BONVISUTTO is the director of Felipe Ossa’s Cake at Planet Connections
  • ROI “BUBI” ESCUDERO is the creator/director/designer of 11 Seconds of Ecstasy at Planet Connections
  • ASHLEY MARINACCIO is the author/director of Decadent Acts at Planet Connections
  • MONTSERRAT MENDEZ is a playwright, director, actor, and a reviewer for nytheatre.com

We’ll be talking about the breadth and depth of diversity in the indie theater community–which is certainly exemplified by the panel, which includes three women who direct and two who write plays; one of our panelists is from Argentina and another from Puerto Rico. Diversity will be defined very broadly in this discussion–not just in terms of gender or ethnicity, but also in terms of subject matter, theme, genre, and form. Why is indie theater the platform for so much more exploration in these areas than elsewhere in the NYC theatre world?

We’re also going to be talking about why diversity is important–not just for the various groups/ideas that are represented, but more significantly for the audience. Why should theatregoers of every stripe stretch themselves and move out of their comfort zones to experience diverse kinds of theatre?

I expect a fascinating and lively discussion, and I hope you will join us! It’s free. Post your thoughts here and I will bring them to the panel!

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