What is your training?

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I was researching at the library today for the TV pilot I'm starting to film next week and came across this question in one of the books. It's one of the most provocative questions I've thought about in awhile and I have a few thoughts but first I want to hear what other people's answers are. Here we go:

Imagine that before you entered this life you went through training with a teacher who was the best of the best of the best at a particular focus, and who lived you like a son or daughter. This teacher taught you everything about this focus, reminding you, "you won't remember a thing consciously, but it will all be there in your subconscious, waiting to be reawakened, once you get to Earth and your nature is stimulated to grow." What did this teacher train you to cultivate and grow? Do you remember the part of the training that reiterated: Try and fail a hundred times, rather than playing to small, repeating what you have already perfectly mastered?

So, I'm curious. What was your training?

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