Building the all inclusive movement (and theatre company)

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As we continue to grow and gain more visibility, here's what's been on my mind the last week and I have no answer for what needs to be done so I want to throw it out to the artists out there.

PGPC (and COTE) receive tons of submissions from artists of all types, anywhere from visual artists and photographers to directors, musicians, filmmakers, etc. I believe there is a place for everyone in the movement we're trying to build but because of the large volume of submissions we get and how stretched thin the companies are, it's often impossible to utilize everyones talents and skills in the way they want to be utilized (isn't this the age old problem?). We LOVE meeting new people and continue striving to build our community of like minded artists. We are always in need of people who want to help with data entry, social media, outreach, administrative and organizational work but have a harder time finding a place for those who only want to do the creative stuff. Lately, I've been bringing artists in for meetings, "getting to know you" type things (because that's the least I can do) and have been finishing meetings with "where do you see yourself fitting in to this company and the work we do?", "How do you propose we move forward?" Often times we wait until the right opportunity comes up to ask them to work with us, which could be months. However, I would love to come up with something that engages everybody right away if they have the burning desire to work with us.

So, my question(s):

- How do we continue to move forward utilizing everyones talents to their fullest immediately so that artists feel included, welcomed and part of a community?

- What are sustainable models for this?

Interested in hearing ideas.

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