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One of my favorite things to do at my mom's house is look through old stuff - paperwork, journals, artwork, etc. Today I came across my favorite discoveries- a collection of plays, short stories and a "novel" I wrote in high school. There's a lot of fanfiction (X-Files, ER, Xena: Warrior Princess and Touched by an Angel), some Beowulfian type story involving Richard Simmons, Janet Reno and Anna Nicole Smith and a 85 page novel I wrote about a news network.

The best though... Around age 7 or 8 I wrote several plays involving Sonic the Hedgehog, "Sonic the Hedgehog Goes to the Moon" and "The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog", which was pretty epic. It involves Sonic falling in love and saving the world with his friends "The Freedom Fighters". Of course, I wrote the role of Sonic for myself. The entire cast list was comprised of neighborhood friends, cousins and American Girl dolls. I remember rehearsals (we never actually got to put on the show) that involved using the garage door as our curtain. You will see below, that I had written that into the stage directions.

"The Weather Channel Play" is about the meteorologists at the Weather Channel. (A little back story - I was obsessed with the weather and watching TWC from about age 8-12. While most girls were fantasizing about being Belle in Beauty and the Beast, I was obsessed with becoming a storm chaser and out running tornadoes in the mid west). Anyway, I recall being convinced that if I did a good job writing and directing this play, the people from TWC would show up at my house, see it and relocate me to Atlanta where I could have my own weather show and "travel around the country to chase tornadoes" (that exact quote is from my journal).

I also have "Fran Fine Goes to Australia" (about "The Nanny"). It's self explanatory. Fran goes to Australia with Mr. Sheffield and "the gang". She gets into trouble snorkeling the great barrier reef.

All of these plays are dance musicals. They involve some element of singing and choreography (that apparently I did because I have all the choreography written out in back of the script). Enjoy some excerpts:

Excerpt from "Sonic the Hedgehog Goes to the Moon" (age 7 or 8)

Scene 1
(Sonic and Sally walking through the Knothole Forest)
Sally: I really don't think this is a good idea.
Sonic: Come on, Sal. If we don't we will get roboticized.
Sally: I don't get it, how blasting to the moon is going to help.
Sonic: I told you one, I told you twice and I won't tell you again. We are doing this so we don't get roboticized.
Sally: And for something else Soney Boy...
Sonic: Don't call me Soney boy. Yeah, I know. It's to destroy that big machine.
Sally: But Sonic, if that machinbe distroyes (sic) everything, Knothole will not exist and chances are, neither will we.
(Dr. Robotnick and Robot enter. Sonic and Sally duck (sic) in a bush)
Robotnick: Report bot brain.
Robot: Yes sir. The distroyer (sic) reports ninedy (sic) percent of Robotropolos is affected, sir.
Robotnick: Excellent!!!!!!! Come on, let's go eat.
(They leave)
Sonic: Well, you see Sal.
Sally: See what?
Sonic: I don't know. All I know is were (sic) going to blast to the moon.

Excerpt of "The Weather Channel Play" (age 9) Scene1
Angelica: Girls, girls. Every good meteorologist knows that you do not scroll the red screen to the place with the good weather. You scroll it to the place with the severe weather.
Amy and Abigail: We're sorry. We will never do it again.
(They run off)
Jessica: Why don't you give them a break.
Diane: We don't have time. We're on in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.... we're on!
(Garage door closes. All action now in front of garage)
Diane: Hi, my name is Diane McFeely
Nicole: My name is Nicole Vanswazie. Today we are going to talk about severe weather.
Diane: Remember, any severe thunderstorms can produce tornadoes.
Stacy: You should always have a safety plan just in case.
Jessica: If for some reason you are in an open field, take cover by lying in a ditch or a low place.
Amy: Abigail, what exactly is a tornado?
Amy: A tornado is a funnel shaped cloud extending downward from the base of a cumulonimbus cloud.
Diane: Now, we will have our storm chasers show you how they chase storms.
Everyone: WOW!
(Everyone dances to the song "Grease Lightening")
Tomorrow starts the Lincoln Center Directors Lab. I have promised myself that I will blog about it as much as I can. I love looking at the blogs from previous labs. They have been incredibly helpful. I hope that mine can do the same for future applicants.

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