The New GirlPower Breakdown!

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Notice how we're now a "Performance Collective"? Loves it. Here is the new GirlPower audition breakdown for the following year. If you are (or know anyone) interested, feel free to submit. We're looking for a diverse group of young women and have a ton of exciting plans!


Estrogenius Festival: GirlPower

Seeking: Performers/Writers/Activists between the ages of 10-20. Please do NOT submit if you do not fall into this age category as these aremonologues written specifically by and for young women between theages of 10-20. Through writing and acting workshops, guest artists,discussion groups, performances and drawing from the media, news andinterviews with peers, the GirlPower collective will be workingtogether in generating a theatrical event based on their own lifeexperiences and what it means to be a young woman in today's world.The actresses share the joys and troubles of today's generation withtheir experiences of love, relationships, parents, identity, pain andsuccess.

GirlPower is part of the Manhattan Theatre Source's month longEstrogenius Festival ( ) which is in it's 10th season and has become oneof New York City's largest women's arts festivals, presenting morethan 35 events over 24 nights. The festival features a diverseschedule of short plays, dance, solo shows, visual art, paneldiscussions and performances by teens. The festival has afforded morethan 1,600 artists the chance to shine. The 2009 festival runs October1 through November 1 at Manhattan Theatre Source.

Currently, the 2008-2009 GirlPower collective is performing in the NYCInternational Fringe Festival, August 14th through 30th( and The 2009-2010collective is encouraged to come back for a spring performance andsimilar experience in a 2010 summer festival. We are also working onbringing the performance to public schools and community events in thetri-state area.

GirlPower will be presented at the Manhattan Theatre Source October9th and 10th, 2009. Tech Rehearsal will be on October 8th. There willbe two afternoon performances during the week of the show for schooland community groups. Rehearsals will begin in late August and will beheld Saturday mornings from 9:30 am - 12:00 pm.Do not submit if you are unavailable for the performances or a largeportion of the proposed rehearsal period.

Please send a picture and resume to Also,please include information about yourself and why you want toparticipate in this project. Auditions will be held on Monday, July13th from 3:00 - 6:00 pm at the Manhattan Theatre Source. Uponreceiving your information, we will schedule you in a five minute audition slot.

For the audition, please write a short monologue (2 minutes or under) about your life/school/friends/goals/fears/hobbies/interests etc. oranything that shows us who you are and the issues you care about. Youcan feel free to write a poem, short story, scene or spoken word pieceas well. We want to see who you are. You do not need to memorize thispiece. We also ask that you prepare any monologue 2 minutes or under.Be prepared to perform the monologue and your written piece.GirlPower is presented under an AEA Showcase Code. Union/Non-Union may apply.It is produced and directed by Ashley Marinaccio and Elizabeth Koke.

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