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The Manhattan Theatre Source Presents:

Created and Performed by the 2008-2009 GirlPower Performance Collective
Directed by Ashley Marinaccio and Elizabeth Koke

The New York International Fringe Festival – FringeNYC
A production of The Present Company
MON 8/17 at 7pm (Talkback 8:30-9:15), THUR 8/20 at 9:30pm , FRI 8/21 at 3:15pm,
SUN 8/23 at 5:00 pm, MON 8/24 at 5:00pm

Tickets: $15
For tickets and venue information visit

“We are the girls of the future. Listen to our cry. Listen to the things that make us mad, upset and happy. Don't take us for granted. Don't think that we don't understand the world. We are GirlPower! Walk away with the knowledge we give you. Walk away with our problems. Walk away with the solution. Walk away with the feeling of hope. Walk away with life. But mostly, walk away knowing you have Girl Power!”- Lauren Marie Curet, age 13, 2008-2009 GirlPower Collective Member

The Manhattan Theatre Source is proud to present GirlPower: Voices of a Generation as part of the 13th annual New York International Fringe Festival – FringeNYC. The New York International Fringe Festival (FringeNYC) is the largest multi-arts festival in North America, with more than 200 companies from all over the world performing for 16 days in more than 20 venues.

Bold. Smart. Fresh. For teens, by teens. GirlPower: Voices of a Generation is an empowering, ensemble-driven collection of words written and performed by teenagers, struggling with issues they face growing up in today's world. Through monologues and spoken word, the young women share their perspectives on love, relationships, the future, creating social change and finding power through theatre. Audiences can expect to walk away with a renewed sense of their own empowerment, regardless of their age and gender. Not only does the cast of GirlPower discuss the problems plaguing their generation, but they present audiences with solutions and ideas for action that can start upon leaving the theatre.

The show features a diverse ensemble of teenage girls from the tri-state area and includes: Anastasia Zorin (Manhattan), Dominique Fishback (Brooklyn), Alexis Molnar (New Jersey), Lauren Curet (Queens), Michelle Lee (Bronx), Christina Perry (Manhattan), Andrea Panichi (New Jersey), Roni Laytin (Long Island), Candice Fernandez (New Jersey), Lyric Anderson (New Jersey), Alexa Winston (Manhattan), Amber Rhabb (Queens), Kezia Tyson (Queens), Alondra Diaz (Bronx) and Kaitlin Marie Hernandez (Brooklyn). It is directed by Ashley Marinaccio and Elizabeth Koke.

GirlPower: Voices of a Generation is part of the Manhattan Theatre Source’s five week long Estrogenius Festival. Shining the spotlight on women’s creativity, the Estrogenius Festival offers a dynamic line-up of performances theatre, dance, music, solo shows and visual art. Since its inception in 2000, The Estrogenius Festival has grown into a premier showcase for the diversity of women’s artistic voices, right in the center of the downtown New York theatre scene. 2009 marks the tenth anniversary of the Estrogenius Festival. More information about GirlPower: Voices of a Generation and the Estrogenius Festival can be found on the Manhattan Theatre Source’s website

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