COTE Tales - 1/18/09 - THIS SUNDAY!!!

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Hello, Friends!

Co-Op Theatre East invites you to the inaugural production of COTE Tales, our new monthly play reading series, taking place this Sunday, January 18, 2009 at 7:00 pm. at Kaffe 1668, 275 Greenwich Street
(directions via HopStop) in Tribeca, Manhattan!

Come enjoy brand new plays from today's playwrights
(as well as tasty coffee & pastries!) at a delightful Swedish coffeehouse, and stay to chat with the artists and your fellow theatre-lovers! January's installment of COTE Tales will feature three short plays examining the effects of transitions on families, loved ones, and enemies in both times of war and peace.

Presented will be:

- Undertaking by Rob Florence: two brothers argue over the rights of burial while confronting their own buried sibling rivalries;

- To The Death of My Own Family by David Meth: a young Afghan woman must come to terms with a trip home that changed the shape of her family forever; and,

- Was by Jami Brandli: examining the blood ties between soldiers on opposite sides of the fighting line.

Performing will be:

Sheira Feuerstein, Henning Fischer, Robert A. K. Gonyo, James Edward Shippy, and Stewart Villilo.

See you there!

Co-Op Theatre East

Co-Op Theatre East

Co-Op Theatre East believes in the power of art to foster a dialogue for social change. We provide an entertaining performance forum in which to ask evocative, challenging questions of artists and audiences on our way to creating collaborative answers.

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