New Year's Resolutions

10:00 AM / Posted by Ashley /

Love 2009.

As always, here is a very abbreviated list:

- Stop using ATMS... or rather, I should say "Only use Bank of America ATMS"
- Only eat out/order delivery twice a week (Ideally, this number will go down)
- Get rid of all the clothes, junk from undergrad, useless papers/folders/binders that are taking up space
- Pursue goal-oriented ambitions free from preconceived notions of how life should be
- Stop buying books... use the NYC Public Library (or Bobst)

- Apply for AND Receive grants for COTE and GirlPower (There are separate lists for these two topics, of course)
-Get some fun/funky new pictures
-Save money to launch website
-By summer be in shape (loose the Grad Student fat)
-Be on top of sending postcards/letters to contacts when I'm doing work

Very abbreviated... the rest are in my journal.

Happy New Year!

Off to the gym I go....



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