Loser of the week...

4:26 PM / Posted by Ashley /

As ridiculous as this sounds, I certainly wouldn't put it past people ...

Burger King Cancels Whopper Sacrifice Facebook Application

The benefits of friendship will never rival the beauty of free food. Burger King found that out the hard way. Facebook has disabled the Whopper Sacrifice application after 233,906 "friends" were sacrificed in the name of hunger (or obesity).

In case you missed it, Burger King released a Facebook application that promised a free burger if you removed ten people from your friend list. It is a sad day when a burger means more than a friend, unless that friend was really never a real friend to begin with (our heads hurt). This is deep on so many levels, not to mention a commentary on how society has rendered terms like "love" and "friend" virtually meaningless.

As for us, we are going to go lay on our friend the couch and lovingly fall in love with our friend the friendly television. [From: sogoodblog.com]



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