GRE Word(s) of the week: PALLID and DERIDE

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It's inevitable: Sooner or later (ideally sooner) I will have to engage in one of the College Board and ETS's biggest adult money maker, the GRE test. Performance Studies at NYU does not require the GRE... but every anthropology program does.

Here are some fine nuggets of advice from my friends at Kaplan:

"You may think that the GRE isn't a fair or decent predictor of skills - but that attitude won't help you get into graduate school."

"Too many people think of standardized tests as cruel exercises in futility, as the oppressive instruments of a faceless societal machine. People who think this way usually don't do well on these tests..."

Thanks Kaplan!

So, with that, I swallow my honesty (and pride) and attempt to transcend the monotony of GRE studying into something a bit more exciting. Once a week I will use this blog to revert back to my fierce middle school vocabulary homework skills and pull a random flashcard out of my "GRE EXAM VOCABULARY IN A BOX" (See picture above) and make sense of it.
This week:

(paa lihd) - Adjective
Lacking color or liveliness
Synonyms: ashen, blanched, ghostly, pale, wan

- Suze Orman's candy stripped blouse did not fit the pallid dress code of the Allen County Republican women conference, so she threw a black jacket over it.

Go Suze!

(dih ried) - verb
To speak of or treat with contempt; to mock.
Synonyms: gibe, jeer, mock, ridicule, scoff, sneer, taunt

- It look ten seconds for Keith Olbermann to deride Sarah Palin's foreign policy experience when she said "I can see Russia from my backyard!"

Never pallid (personality wise), Keith Olbermann

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Comment by K on January 6, 2009 at 9:49 PM

love it! :) (this is Keva, btw)

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