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No better way to end (or begin) the week than with a list (or a few)...

Things I have to do this week:
-Organize "Vignettes" (put schedule into planner)
-Reply to e-mails from Russ (all of them)
-Schedule/Organize MMRP and e-mail cast
-Finish "Rachel Corrie" lists/telephone calls/finalize details
-Finish "Left Forum" panel submission/send letters
-Send fundraising letter for Middle East trip
- Reply to "Notes for Peace" e-mails (all of them)
-Deliver PhD application on Tuesday
-Finish/send Fringe and MITF applications

(This list will most probably triple itself by the end of the week... maybe even today)

People (who are alive) I want to invite to my dinner party (and take a picture with):
- Barack and Michelle Obama
-Rachel Maddow
-Suze Orman
-Hillary Clinton
-Sean Penn
-Al Gore
- The girl that runs the "F-Word Ezine"
-Eve Ensler
- Annie Leibovitz
- Lisa Kron
- Anna Deavere Smith
-Leigh Silverman
- Julie Taymor

(My "people who are dead" dinner party invitation list is too excessive to publish here)

Things I bought last week and probably should not have:
-1 cab ride (although it was late and cold)
-Susan Sontag's published journals

Things I will probably never have to buy again:
- BAM Tickets
- computer paper
- paper clips
- various condiments and salad dressing

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